Citadel War-steed and Spring Wings Outfit

I’ve just moved to this space, so I’ll be republishing a few articles from my old blog.

Lhinn had been (im)patiently waiting for the Steed of the Citadel to show up in the store, so she could let Calista get all gussied up with the War-steed appearance. When it appeared in the store last week, she let out a whoop and ran to the vault.

Surprisingly, the week before I had already created a perfect matching outfit, in preparation for an upcoming Ales & Tales water themed show. I love how the  Citadel tack dyes, every color looks good with the black base and it’s very easy to match a cosmetic outfit to the appearance.

The slightly winged look of the front of the Citadel caparison compliments the wing look of the headpiece, cloak and leggings that I paired with the Quilted Shirt of Determination. I have had this shirt in my vault for a long time with no inspiration to wear it, until I found these leggings in  to ‘set it off.’

The detailing on the piece is beautiful and the beachy look, along with the scaled look of the Lesser Leggings of Dúngarthadir, made me think of a cross between a dragonfly and a mermaid. Gold, silver and sea blue dye blend well and create a cohesive look throughout all of the pieces. The outfit looks quite nice with or without the shoulders and/or cloak. This makes it a versatile look, depending on the weather.

Lhinn truly feels as if she is ‘flying’ through the air, when racing Calista across the fields in this outfit!

Character’s Cosmetic Outfit

  • Head: Memory of the West Hat    Dye: Sea Blue  Found: bought from Thelawen, the Heroes’ Quartermasters found near Harndirion in Enedwaith. Cost: 1 Western Heroes’ Steel Helmet Medallion
  • Back: Cloak of the Dragonfly    Dye: Sea Blue  Found: LOTRO Store Cosmetics
  • Shoulders: The Beast-Keeper’s Shoulder Pads    Dye: Sea Blue  Found: Angwun, the Lore-master Trainer found at the Ox-clan Merchant Camp  Cost: 823 Medallions + 39 Seals
  • Hands: Dunland Caretaker’s Patched Bracers    Dye: Sea Blue  Found: Selectable reward for level 70 Dunland quest ‘To Lhan Colvarn’
  • Upper Body: Quilted Vest of Determination    Dye: Default (or white)  Found: I’m not sure where this came form, as the stats do not match any of the ones i’ve found on the wiki (407 armor +15 will minimum level 47). This level 16 quest reward should be the same appearance. 
  • Lower Body: Lesser Leggings of Dúngarthadir  Dye: Sea Blue  Found: Beleglaer – the Novices’ Quartermaster found near Harndirion in Enedwaith. Cost 478 Marks + 173 Medallions.
  • Feet: Gwern-Lhopan  Dye: Sea Blue  Found: Guardian Dunland Armor Set
  • Accessories: none    Dye: n/a  Found: n/a

Warsteed’s Cosmetic Outfit



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