Dol Amroth Overlook :: lotro screenshots

I was out exploring last evening when I came across a treasure cache on the cliff overlooking Dol Amroth. After rummaging through the treasure, I turned around to see a beautiful vista spread out below.

lotroclient 2014-08-05 23-11-46-24

lotroclient 2014-08-05 23-53-20-34

lotroclient 2014-08-05 23-56-03-09

lotroclient 2014-08-05 23-58-14-57

lotroclient 2014-08-06 00-01-46-77

lotroclient 2014-08-06 00-01-20-18

Dispatching the local shore turtles and a few of those horrid dogs took but a moment, then I was free to spend some time playing my harp and watching the sunset over Dol Amroth.

If you stand just right, with your back to the sun, the light will bounce off of your music notes and create a gorgeous show of twirling sun rays! It is quite a lovely spot if your find yourself out that way!

lotroclient 2014-08-06 00-02-23-03

Overlooking- Dol-Amroth


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