Bringer of Light :: #LOTRO Screenshots

Lhinnthel was lucky enough to join a friend in exploring the Mirror-Halls of Lumul-nar, this afternoon!  We traveled deeper and deeper into the cavern depths, defeating bats, wargs and Morroval along the way. While her friend puzzled out the levers and mirrors, Lhinnthel had fun tumbling off of the pathways. (why are there no guard rails!?)

The Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar

During our trip,  we collected five different mirror-shards, in the hopes of showing the Iron Garrison of Moria that the mirror-works may yet be restored to their former glory! In doing so, we were awarded the lovely titles “Bringer of Light.” We felt better about slaying all of the poor Morroval once we had our new titles!

Next to the gaping pit you must leap into to defeat the big bad boss Morroval, there is a gorgeous ball of light on a lacy pedestal. Lhinnthel desperately wishes she could have one of these as a housing item! Just gazing at it brings such a  feeling of hopefulness and joy – it is truly beautiful!


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