Little Red Guardian #LOTRO Fashion

I’ve recently fallen in love with hobbits all over again. As I’ve always played an elf hunter, as my main, playing through LOTRO on a melee class hobbit is a whole new experience. Often, when I am running about on my hobbits, it feels as if this world was made especially for them – everything seems somehow brighter and clearer when you are a hobbit! My newest little lady, Briare, feels this must be true!

My goodness, when she first opened her eyes, she gave me the what-for and said there was no way she’d be traveling about Middle-Earth in nothing but her chain mail.

Get me out of these starter clothes!

Off to the vault-keeper we went! Briare just adored digging about in the wardrobe for stylish clothes to wear whilst she swings her two-handed great sword – which I might add, is a mite bit taller than she stands herself!

She fancies herself to be a great big warrior and often can be seen charging headlong into battle. Leaping off of her sturdy little steed, Jinnie, with a bound – she never hesitates to throw herself into the fray!

She’s just adorable!

(don’t tell her I said that!)

Briare’s fair hair and freckles brightened right up with a spot of color and her attitude was quite cheery after she sold off all that chain mail to the nearest local vendor. She’s since decided that crimson is the perfect shade for a brave guardian who is ready to explore.

Any lady, big or small, who spends her days slaying goblins and saving wayward sows knows the importance of comfort. A pretty split skirt with flattering legging is the answer to all of this adventurous guardian’s needs!

She can easily go from bronze-ingot forging to serving a berry pie or two at the second breakfast table with grace.

Braided leather straps criss-crossing the back of the decorative Town-Saver’s Jacket adds a slightly feminine touch, while the wide ruched fabric of the belt is a nice backdrop for a few small leather pouches. It’s just the thing to store battle trinkets and treasures.

 Briare’s Cosmetic Little Red Guardian Outfit

  • Head: Circlet of Men (Lavish Gift Box reward or store)
  • Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the White Mountains dyed Sienna (Quest Reward for [97] Oaths Broken. Oaths Kept)
  • Back: Supple Eastemnet Cloak of Agility dyed Sienna (Tier 8 Eastemnet Tailor Recipe)
  • Upper Body: Ceremonial Town-Saver’s Jacket dyed Crimson (Skirmish Camp: Rift Cosmetic Clothing) Cost: 162 Marks + 12 Medallions
  • Lower Body: Ceremonial Tavol-Socas dyed Crimson (Lalia’s Market) Cost: 15 Mithril Coins
  • Hands: Gleaming Westernesse Steel Gauntlets dyed Sienna (Level 48 Drop)
  • Mount: Steed of the Horse-lords (included in Mithril Edition purchase)
  • Location: Methel-stage and Bywater field, The Shire


3 thoughts on “Little Red Guardian #LOTRO Fashion

  1. PSD strikes again. Always to see a new hobbit lass join us and take up the sword against the evil that conspires against us and our love of pies.

    I need to get one of those capes for my warden. She would love it.


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