Even In Darkness #LOTRO Screenshots

Lhinnthel and Faerochil have been duo’ing LOTRO Epic Quests since we both reached early Moria! This may not seem like a big deal but when two players an ocean and 12 hours apart can find a way to forge a friendship and party together for so long – well, I say that’s an accomplishment!

At the Camp of the Grey Host, we celebrated the end of the latest chapter by blowing kisses to the very well dressed Aragorn! (we’d like his outfit, please!)
Even In Darkness - LOTRO Epics with Lhinnthel and FaerochilEven in Darkness, there may be light! Fair travels to you, my friend, until the next epic!

As an aside note: I won’t tell you exactly how long we spent running about the beautiful banks of the Gilrain! Though it’s very dark in this part of Gondor, the landscape was still breathtaking! (photo quality is horrid since I lightened them a bit to show the flower fields!)


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