#LOTRO Fashion: Lhinn’s “Wishing for Green” Casual Questing Outfit

Here is a stylish look to throw together before running off to join a PUG Helm’s Deep Battle! While digging through the wardrobe, Lhinn found that the bottom trim of the leggings matched the deep Sienna trim of Nenuial’s Jacket quite nicely! She loves the way the bright color peeps out from the tops of her chunky boots.




The Silver-Voice Leggings are a girl’s best friend, when she wants to add a little touch of femininity to an otherwise casual questing / raiding outfit. As Lhinn’s player is in the deep dark of winter, the pretty Rivendell greens and deep browns bring to her mind late summer – a season Lhinn adores.




(Pics are a bit fuzzy this time around, as this was a spur of the moment post! And, yes… I did use my favorite gauntlets, yet again! I love them, I love them!)

Lhinn’s “Wishing for Green” Casual Questing Outfit

  • Head: Circlet of Adamant dyed Rivendell Green (store – 295TP)
  • Upper Body: Nenuial’s Jacket dyed Rivendell Green (Classic Vendor Skirm ccap or Trader at Echad Garthadir)
  • Lower Body: Ceremonial Silver-Voice Leggings dyed Rivendell Green (Cosmetics trader, Skirmish Camp)
  • Hands: Dunland Caretaker’s Patched Bracers dyed Black (Dunland quest rewards)
  • Feet: Gwern-Lhopan dyed Black (Dunland Armor Set)
  • Location: Dol Amroth
  • Shoulders: n/a
  • Back: n/a



If you enjoy dressing your mounts to match your outfits, I highly recommend purchasing the All Class Mounts bundle, when it is on sale for 50% off (most likely next Yule). You will receive both the regular mounts and war-steed appearances for Hunter, Champion, Guardian, Warden, Minstrel, Lore-Master, Rune-keeper, Burglar and Captain! So many of the pieces mix and match nicely. Plus, the purchase is account wide – all the alts get to play, too!

Let’s go Music’ing War-steed Appearance

  • Hide: Solid War-steed Mount Appearance dyed White (store)
  • Body: Guardian’s Caparison dyed Forest Green (store)
  • Head: Minstrel’s Halter dyed Forest Green (store)
  • Gear: Minstrel’s Gear (store)
  • Legs: Spring Lissuin Leggings dyed Forest Green (Spring Festival barter / reward)
  • Saddle: Champion’s Saddle (store)
  • Misc: Default tail and mane color



2 thoughts on “#LOTRO Fashion: Lhinn’s “Wishing for Green” Casual Questing Outfit

  1. Lhinn, great outfit. I suppose you can get away with the “casual-comfort” look when you are pew-pewing from the back!

    I like the pant details – I’ll be looking to wardrobe a set of those. I find myself using those same gauntlets as well – they dye pretty good. There is another similar gauntlet set that is a bit more fancy, I’ll have to link those as I don’t recall the name.


    1. Thanks, Tom! Hey, someone has to bring up the rear – may as well look good doing it XD

      After I posted decided to live on the edge and use the Spellweaver’s Bracers dyed Walnut Brown – they are fancier with gold detailing, but still look quite nice with the outfit and do not clip with the sleeves (unfortunately the ones featured here do clip with this jacket). I believe those Spellweaver bracers are a Warden barter in Galtrev.

      The Silver-Voice Leggings are quickly becoming my go-to pants, they look good on the lads, too :) Though, I recently found a chainmail skirt from the Erebor Beorning set that I need to get my paws on desperately! Someday!


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