#LOTRO Fashion: Naishe’s Epic Warden Outfit

This month, my friend Naishe made her return! I am so very glad to see her out and about in Bree and Dol Amroth again! *spins* While chatting at the Andune Ensemble Concert this past Sunday, Naishe was sporting a new appearance – to match her epic wardening skills! (If you have ever grouped with Naishe, then you know she will obliterate anything in her path! She may even sing a happy little tune while she does so!)

I just had to ask her to share this new epic Warden outfit.


The Hauberk of Glory is a piece I do not often see. Naishe and I cannot understand why, as it’s a gorgeous chest piece. The scaled sleeves and hem offer protection and an attractive glint of steel as Naishe swings her blade. The leather straps across the chest and sides are a nice touch and make the hauberk easy to pair with leather gauntlets or boots.

I was also very interested in the shoulders Naishe chose. From Lalia’s market, these ceremonial shoulders have beautiful detailing and layering. They also dye a bright pure color.


Naishe’s Epic Warden Outfit


Naishe’s gorgeous heavy war-steed compliments her outfit perfectly. I especially love how her boots and shoulders go so well with the spears on the caparison and gear – the ensemble is quite eye-catching! Any orcs in her path will thoroughly be scared!

Naishe’s Epic Warden War-steed Appearance

  • Hide: Solid War-steed Mount Appearance dyed White (store)
  • Body: Warden’s Caparison dyed black (store)
  • Head: Warden’s Halter dyed black (store)
  • Gear: Warden’s Gear (store)
  • Legs: Warden’s Leggings dyed black (store)
  • Saddle: Light Saddle of the Entwash (level 81 quest reward: Chieftain of the Dead)
  • Misc: Shielded Tail (store 395TP)


Thank you for letting me feature you on my blog, Naishe! You rock XD I’m hoping to feature more friends with fabulous outfits, this year! I do love seeing how creative everyone is with their wardrobe!


2 thoughts on “#LOTRO Fashion: Naishe’s Epic Warden Outfit

  1. What?!? A warden with an eyepatch? You know, spears and javelins are dangerous… you’ll put your eye out if you’re not careful. They should only be handled by trained, experienced hobbit warden lads…


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