My Week in LOTRO :: Lothlórien

After escaping no less than 3 more times, Avlina is just about finished in Moria and trying very hard to earn the trust of the Galadhrim. The few times she had been sent out of the deep dark, she so enjoyed running about in Lothlórien! It was an honor to meet with and lend aid to Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. And, recounting the escape from Rushdurinul, with a captive Mazog, was very exciting. Lady Issuriel thanked Avlina immensely for her help.

She also scouted the forest with Legolas and Gimli and helped to slay many patrols of Orcs. Cerin Amroth is also where Avlina happened to meet the Ringbearer, Frodo Baggins, and his traveling companion, Sam Gamgee. They took a few moments of respite together and exchanged words of encouragement. Avlina had the feeling they would not stay long in the Golden Wood.

The lighting among the golden trees was spectacular and the abundant flowers and wildlife made her wish to stop and lay in the shade beneath that glorious canopy! There seemed to always be a light, cool breeze mingling with the sound of running water. It is truly a peaceful haven, especially after countless hours lost in the Foundations of Stone.

This week, I shall just share a few of Avlina’s favorite Lothlórien memories. She is looking forward to making many more!

 photo lothlorien-vistas-1_zpsuros6fni.png

 photo lothlorien-yoga_zpsft2twjnf.png

 photo lothlorien-vistas-3_zps3xrgt5dw.png

 photo lothlorien-vistas-2_zpskrxfum0j.png

 photo lothlorien-flowerspng_zpsjv6fagae.png

 photo lothlorien-Avlina_zps7j6huni7.png

 photo lothlorien-vistas-4_zpsoc27yiat.png

 photo Lothlorien-Gimli-Legolas-Avlina_zps65jpykkx.png

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