#LOTRO Fashion : Never Surrender Warden

 photo Laerelwen-Lauralda-CG_zps5eca9vew.png

Laerelwen completed the Central Gondor Epic this week and headed off to Ringlo Vale with her new friend, Lauralda. Having never quested together before, the hobbit minstrel and woman warden quickly found that they laid waste to all in their path! May the foe be wary, when they see these two charging on towards Eastern Gondor and Osgiliath!

 photo Laerelwen-warsteed-warden-DolAmroth-3_zps4g08gh29.png

To celebrate, Laerelwen dug around in her closets and tack room for an attractive, yet practical questing outfit. Various shades of greens and browns compliment her bronzed shield, while her lithe figure is thankful for the close fit of her top and leggings.

Freedom of movement is so important to the warden, especially with ten or more mobs attacking at once! She must always be ready to leap into the midst of danger!

 photo Laerelwen-warden-DolAmroth-4_zpsnpqs1wpr.png

Though Laerelwen may look like an unassuming Rohan maiden, she is cunning and deadly when her unwavering gaze turns to the fields of battle. She draws attention with a defiant stomp and leeches the will to fight from her enemies.

 photo Laerelwen-warsteed-warden-DolAmroth-oufit_zps71nngu26.png

Letting out a whoop, Laerelwen leaps upon her large steed’s back, ready for adventure. Never tiring, Marya the swift will carry her companion for miles. The pair need no words to express the joy they feel as they become one with the wind

 photo Laerelwen-warsteed-warden-DolAmroth-2_zpstvgudikg.png

Laerelwen’s Never Surrender Warden Outfit

  • Head: Circlet of Men (quest reward?)
  • Upper Body: Lesser Ward of the West Breastplate dyed Dark Green (Novices’ Quartermaster at Harndirion in Enedwaith)
  • Lower Body: Tactical Eastemnet Assault leggings dyed Black (Tailor Tier 8 recipe)
  • Hands: Spellweaver’s Bracers dyed Walnut Brown (Adventurers’ Quartermaster at Galtrev in Dunland)
  • Feet: Ceremonial Thrill Seeker’s Boots dyed Dark Green (Skirmish Camp – Cosmetics)
  • Back: Ever-Shadowed dyed Olive (Burzfîl drop, Urugarth)
  • Location: City of Dol Amroth, Central Gondor

Never Surrender Warsteed Appearance

  • Hide: Solid War-steed Mount Appearance dyed Chestnut (store)
  • Body: Champion’s Caparison dyed Yellow (store)
  • Head: Guardian’s Halter dyed Yellow (store)
  • Gear: Accessory of the Hammerhand (Helm’s Deep pre-order)
  • Legs: Rohirrim Elite Leggings default color (Riders of Rohan pre-order)
  • Saddle: Lore-Master’s Saddle (store)
  • Misc: Simple Tail (default tail and default color)

 photo Laerelwen-warsteed-warden-DolAmroth-1_zpsqsjnj75l.png

3 thoughts on “#LOTRO Fashion : Never Surrender Warden

  1. That center picture in the collage above looks like I came home late after a night at the Pony, I left my dirty boots out in the bedroom, or I didn’t trim the verge over the weekend. Busted! #InTheDoghouse


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