#LOTRO Fashion: Flower-picking Beast


With my renewed determination to pick enough flowers to purchase jewelry and armour for Lhinnthel, I have turned into a flower picking beast!  Of course, every adventure starts with the perfect outfit… right?!  This particular outfit has no rhyme or reason whatsoever. In fact, it’s a veritable hobbitygloop of bits and pieces — but I have grown to love it.  Plus, the colors match the gorgeous flowers and landscape of North Ithilien very well.  So, it’s the perfect camouflage for my hunter ;-)


Flower-picking Beast War-steed Appearance

The subtle braid in the tail makes Lhinn’s elven heart soar — so very pretty!  The Snow-beast accessory has a gorgeous fur blanket draped across Allenora’s hindquarters.  I can just imagine Lhinn tossing it on the ground to lounge in one of North Ithilien’s serene meadows.




The caparison of Nárië is one of those pieces I never thought I would use — I just picked it up when I had extra tokens.  It has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces.  The detailing really is spectacular.  The gold rings hanging from the straps have almost a heart shape and I do love the way they shine in the sunlight.


Lhinnthel’s Flower-picking Beast Outfit

  • Head:  Memory of The West Hat dyed Violet ([65]Heroes’ Quartermaster at Harndirion)
  • Upper Body:  Elven Leather Jacket of Fleetness dyed Belegar Blue ([45] medium armour drop)
  • Lower Body:  Potent Dextrous Leggings of Fate dyed Belegar Blue ([100] loot from scaled instance)
  • Hands:  Leather Gauntlets of Fleetness dyed Washed ([50] medium armour drop)
  • Feet:  Westernesse Leather Boots of Vigour dyed Violet ([50] medium armour drop)
  • Back:  Radiant Cloak dyed Shire Plum ([47] Master tailor Recipe)
  • Daggers:  Maethigil ([60] Balhest drop, or Classic Vendor at Skirmish Camp)
  • Bow: Hunter’s Bow of the third Age (level 51 LI)
  • Location: The hills of North Ithilien
This deer desperately wants to photobomb Every. Single. Picture.




Full album: imgur.com/a/kGbyp

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