Ithilien Spring Hunter #LOTRO Fashion

With warmer weather slowly creeping into our neck of the woods, I can’t help longing for every shade of green to just permeate the earth.  While this outfit is also designed around flower-picking in North Ithilien– it is a bit more casual than the snowbeast outfit I recently shared.  Lhinnthel’s gear is very simple and easily found throughout Middle-earth.  Her war-steed has been outfitted with everything needed to survive in the wilds on an extended trip!

I have to praise whoever is designing the most recent war-steed festival appearances!  The antler’s from yule festival are just gorgeous.  The candles look amazing both in daylight and beneath the stars.  While wearing the halter adds a merry jingle sound to your steed, it isn’t so intrusive that it’s annoying.  Also, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have a halter that allows your war-steed’s mane to show!

If you were fortunate enough to be around for the Bounder’s Bounty event back in 2013, I do hope you bartered for the Steed of Michel Delving!  The war-steed appearance that came with it is one of the finest in games, in my opinion.  While hobbits would be especially fond of the gear– my elvish lass enjoys being ready for all extended adventures!

The gear includes cooking utensils, a fine wooden pipe, time piece, baskets of freshly foraged greens and wild veggies, blanket roll, keg of the finest Old Winyards wine, skinning knife, sacks of fresh water, teas and even a beautiful lantern that lights up at night– complete with moths fluttering around!

I hope you enjoy this mish-mash of various appearances and equipment.  Perhaps it will inspire you to make your own look the next time you go exploring!

Ithilien Spring Hunter War-steed Appearance

Lhinnthel’s Ithilien Spring Hunter Outfit

*No chickens were harmed in this photo shoot…. It was just a *gentle* punt, promise!

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