Lhinnthel of Lindon

Full Character Name: Lhinnthel
Name Meaning: {air or slender} sister
Race: Elf
Occupation: Scholar / Farmer in training
Hobbies: Old Winyards band member, Windy Acres Formation Riding Team member, BBB band member (not so sure I should claim this though!), Stewards of Midnight band member, Sunday Night Siege runs with Kin, Festivals, Horse Collecting, Questing with Friends, Creating Outfits, Exploration
Place of Origin: Lindon
House: 2 High Road, Raglan, Bree-land {main}
Kinship: The Lonely Mountain Band

Personality: Lhinnthel is an old soul who enjoys fireside reading of history and prose. She also like the peacefulness of tending her gardens, when she finds time to linger at home. Lhinnthel feels most comfortable amid the forests and wildlife. When she does venture into more populated areas, she tends to stand back observing and studying those bustling about her. She does not speak very much, unless directly asked a question or invited to participate {or when she drinks a bit too much Old Winyards}. If she feels she has nothing worthy to add to the conversation, well — she won’t. Those who know her become proficient in reading her horrific typing and try not to chide her too much for it. Eager to help those in need, she will always lend a hand when called upon and greatly enjoys adventuring with kinfolk, whether it be playing music, attending riding team practice or slaying horrid beasts.

Likes: Lhinnthel has a certain fondness for hobbits. The carefree and cheerful nature of the whimsical beings give her cause to smile and help to make light the day. As hobbits share her own great weakness for pie — it only endears them to her further.

May the sun shine on your road


Laerelwen of Rohan

Full Character Name: Laerelwen
Name Pronunciation: lahr -ell – when
Name Meaning: {song or summer} maiden
Race: Man
Occupation: Warden / Explorer / Tailor in training
Hobbies: Horses, fishing, music, yelling at things
Place of Origin: Rohan
Current Residence4 Garden Street, Burdown Bree-land Homesteads, Bree {sold so Lhinnthel could buy a house in LMB kin neighborhood during the great foreclosure event.}
Kinship: The Lonely Mountain Band {former accidental member of The Knights of Valinor.}

Attending concerts and events, dancing under the stars, daydreams, changing of seasons, riding in the rain, the sound of the waves, deep forests, cloud watching, exploring, listening to and reading tales, horse collecting, PIE, games of chance, slaying orcs, goblins, trolls and other no-gooders.

judgemental people, being told she is weak, spiders, the dead


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