Lalië Fëa – a band of alts

Lalië Fëa means Laughing Spirit. This is the name of Lhinnthel’s alt kinship and band of little alts. It is always how she tries to spend her time in Middle Earth – with a laughing spirit.

Why a band of alts? Well, besides Lhinn’s need for a few alts to hold homes, the band was also created so that she might test out her abc transcriptions {instead of submitting her kinmates to her many many trials and errors}. For Lhinn, abc transcriptions always seem to sound better in Maestro or ABCplayer than they do in game. Having a testing band has been quite helpful!

As soon as two alts level up enough to play bagpipes, and perhaps another for bell – she’ll be able to play most of her silly transcriptions. Two of her band member alts are missing from the above photo, but there are seven in all – Three hobbit lasses by the name of Gwinae, Lilmae and Lilann and four ladies by name of Iaroel, Tarvaen,  Gythla and Alylda.

Transcribing music is great fun and even though Lhinn’s player has absolutely zero musical ability in real life, it brings her great joy to create an abc that sounds good enough for folks to dance along to in game.

One of my favorite LOTRO abc transcriptions is Come Sail Away by Styx. I hope you enjoy it as well! *So sorry for the horrible video quality!

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