My Week in LOTRO :: May 9th

The Watcher in the Water - Moria

Monday eve, Ales & Tales visited Frothies at 3 Myrtle Court in the Shire neighborhood of Dampdale! The wonderful Dodricson was our host. It was such a beautiful location and the yard was set up with overflowing tables, all nestled in a field of purple wildflowers. Continue reading

My Week in LOTRO :: May 1st

:: My week in LOTRO ::

Sunday was a bit of a sad evening, as it was the last concert we will see for awhile from Les beaux Chapeaux.

LBC lotro

I sincerely hope they will return again one day and continue to bring us joy with their music. We shall miss them very much! Continue reading

#LOTRO Fashion: Naishe’s Epic Warden Outfit

This month, my friend Naishe made her return! I am so very glad to see her out and about in Bree and Dol Amroth again! *spins* While chatting at the Andune Ensemble Concert this past Sunday, Naishe was sporting a new appearance – to match her epic wardening skills! (If you have ever grouped with Naishe, then you know she will obliterate anything in her path! She may even sing a happy little tune while she does so!)

I just had to ask her to share this new epic Warden outfit. Continue reading

Even In Darkness #LOTRO Screenshots

Even In Darkness - LOTRO Epics with Lhinnthel and Faerochil

Lhinnthel and Faerochil have been duo’ing LOTRO Epic Quests since we both reached early Moria! This may not seem like a big deal but when two players an ocean and 12 hours apart can find a way to forge a friendship and party together for so long – well, I say that’s an accomplishment!

At the Camp of the Grey Host, we celebrated the end of the latest chapter by blowing kisses to the very well dressed Aragorn! (we’d like his outfit, please!) Continue reading