Ithilien Spring Hunter #LOTRO Fashion

With warmer weather slowly creeping into our neck of the woods, I can’t help longing for every shade of green to just permeate the earth.  While this outfit is also designed around flower-picking in North Ithilien– it is a bit more casual than the snowbeast outfit I recently shared.  Lhinnthel’s gear is very simple and easily found throughout Middle-earth.  Her war-steed has been outfitted with everything needed to survive in the wilds on an extended trip! Continue reading

#LOTRO Fashion: Flower-picking Beast


With my renewed determination to pick enough flowers to purchase jewelry and armour for Lhinnthel, I have turned into a flower picking beast!  Of course, every adventure starts with the perfect outfit… right?!  This particular outfit has no rhyme or reason whatsoever. In fact, it’s a veritable hobbitygloop of bits and pieces — but I have grown to love it.  Plus, the colors match the gorgeous flowers and landscape of North Ithilien very well.  So, it’s the perfect camouflage for my hunter ;-)


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Monday Nights :: #lotro screenshots

Mondays nights are my favorite night of the week! Old Winyards playing the final dance set at Ales & Tales – held last week at Old-Stone ruins, in Bree-town.

L to R: Lilikate, Amberflower, Eilye, Byrcha, Lhinnthel, Tamoro, Bittercress, Sonca